Monday, February 2, 2009

Dem. Rep. of the Congo (1997 on wards)

The Govt. of former president Mobutu Sese Seko was toppled by a rebellion led by Laurent Kabilain in May, 1997, with the help of the forces of Rwanda and Uganda. Kabila naming himself as president re-named the country as Democratic Republic of the Congo. In his time Judiciary was Independent with the power of appointing and dismissing in his hand. He became the head of a 26-member cabinet dominated by the Alliance of Democratic forces for the Liberation of Congo (ADFL). Kapila created and appointed a transitional Parliament in a building of the former Katanga Parliament. But he was assassinated on 16 Jan., 2001. He was superceded by his son Joseph Kabila as head of state, ten days later. He formed a new constitution and passed it by referendum with80 % of votes and held an election in July 2006.
Joseph Kabila
Mr. Kabila was supported by the western powers like US and France and regional allies like South Africa, Angola etc. He was also supported by the business an mining magnets. He was a former guerrila fighter who participated nearly a decade of war that ravaged the country.
In Aug., 2007, a rebel general Laurent Nkunda, led battles between his militia, made up of fellow Tutsis and the Congolese army. In Jan., 2008, the Government had an agreement with the rebels but the cease fire fell apart and fighting resumed.
A report released in Jan., 2008, by the International Rescue Committee that inspite of UN peacekeeping forces about 45,000 people were died each month in Congo, mostly from starvation and diseases.

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