Monday, February 23, 2009

Guinea Bissau, Economy

The country is made up of 30 islandsand the main land. With 1.5 million population Guinea Bissau is one of the smallest country in Africa, half the population of which lives below the poverty line.Some of the reasons of its poverty:
1. One in every five children dies before reaching the age of five.
World Malaria Day: on April 25,aims to highlight a disease which kills over a million people world wide each year.

2. 30 % of children suffer from stunted growth due to poor nutrition,
3. 60 % of children do not attend primary school,
4. Only half the rural population have access to adequate drinking water.
A vaccination campaign of Guinea Bissau protected thousands of young children from dying as a result of preventable diseases.
As per national average per capita income using Atlas metho the rank of guinea Bissau is 5th. from bottom and is 140$ (est. 2003)
Rank and estimate as per GDP (PPP) per capita, in three measurement, IMF (est. 2007),WB (est. 2007),CIA (est.2008) is
Rank/est, rank/est, rank/est.
175/484, 164/477, 190/600 (2007 est.)
Rank/est, rank/est,rank/est. as per GDP (nominal) per capita

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