Wednesday, February 19, 2014

List of Countries gained Independence from UK

This is a list of countries and territories formerly ruled or administered by the United Kingdom or part of theBritish Empire, with their independence days.

CountryDateYear of IndependenceNotes
 Bangladesh26 March1971Bangladesh Liberation War, though Bangladesh gained direct sovereignty from Pakistan, they were liberated from the UK asEast Bengal
 Afghanistan19 August1919
 Antigua and Barbuda1 November1981
 Australia01 January1901
 Bahamas10 July1973
 Bahrain16 December197115 August 1971
 Barbados30 November1966Barbados Independence Act 1966
 Belize21 September1981September Celebrations of Belize
 Botswana30 September1966
 Brunei1 January1984
 Canada1 July1867Constitution Act, 1867
Canada Day
 Cyprus1 October196016 August 1960, but Cyprus Independence Day is commonly celebrated on 1 October.[1]
 Dominica3 November1978
 Egypt13 June1956
 Fiji10 October1970
 The Gambia18 February1965
 Ghana6 March1957
 Grenada7 February1974Independence Day (Grenada)
 Guyana26 May1966
 India15 August1947
 Israel14 May1948
 Iraq3 October1932

 Ireland(26 counties)24 April (Easter Monday)1922Proclamation of the Irish Republic commencing the Easter Rising on 24 April 1916
 Jamaica6 August1962
 Jordan25 May1946
 Kenya12 December1963
 Kiribati12 July1979
 Kuwait25 February1961
 Lesotho4 October1966
 Malawi6 July1964
 Malaysia31 August1957Hari Merdeka
 Maldives26 July1965
 Malta21 September1964
 Mauritius12 March1968
 Myanmar4 January1948
 Nauru31 January1968Independence from the United KingdomAustralia and New Zealand on 31 January 1968.
 New Zealand6 February1840Celebrated as Waitangi Day. Also see Independence of New Zealand
 Nigeria1 October1960
 Pakistan14 August1947Yaum e Azadi. Independence from the United Kingdom on 27 Ramadan ul Mubarik, 14 August 1947
 Qatar3 September1971
 Saint Lucia22 February1979
 Saint Kitts and Nevis19 September1983
 Seychelles29 June1976
 Sierra Leone27 April1961
 Solomon Islands7 July1978
 South Africa11 December19311931. Not a public holiday. Union of South Africa formed on 31 May 1910 and Republic of South Africa declared on 31 May 1961
 Sri Lanka4 February19484 February 1948, Sri Lanka had their independence. Nearly 150 years of UK ruling the countries they finally had independence. At the time the country's name was British Ceylon.
 Sudan1 January1956
 Swaziland6 September1968
 Tanzania9 December1961
 Trinidad and Tobago31 August1962
 Tuvalu1 October1978
 Uganda9 October1962
 United Arab Emirates2 December1971National Day (United Arab Emirates)
 United States4 July1776Fourth of JulyDeclaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1776
 Vanuatu30 July1980Independence from United Kingdom and France in 1980
 Yemen30 November1967South Yemen 1967
 Zambia24 October1964
 Zimbabwe18 April1980.