Sunday, February 23, 2014

Industry in Denmark

Major Industries in Denmark

Wind Power
Wind power and sustainable energy are two of the many major industries of Denmark. In 2008, wind turbines accounted for nearly 20% of the country’s power supply. Although many countries use wind power today, Denmark was one of the first to examine the idea and develop the sustainable alternative in the 1970s. Demark was at the forefront of this technology due to increasing emissions and the suffering state of the atmosphere. Over half the styles and designs of wind turbines today come from Danish companies, such as Siemens Wind Power and Vestas. These “wind farms” are located on land and in the sea for maximum effectiveness. Denmark has moderate wind speeds, especially on the western shores, which account for most of the geography of wind farms. Power from wind farms is on the rise in Denmark, with nearly half being exported to other locations.


As a peninsula, Denmark is one of the largest shipping locations in the world. Although the country itself is very small mass-wise, it has large coastlines, which provide exceptional locations for port traffic. The shipping industry in Denmark dates back to their Viking ancestors. Sea trade is an extremely large industry for the world, and Denmark accounts for 10% of that industry. The Danish shipping market is mainly dominated by a couple large shipping companies with a few small subsidiaries and privately owned ventures.
The weight accounted for by Danish shipping companies is nearly 50 million tons. Partial reasoning for such a large shipping industry comes from Denmark’s need for natural resources. With such a small area, natural resources are extremely rare. This problem is similar to that of Japan.
Denmark is one of the first countries to create an organization for women in the shipping industry. This program is called WISTA and focuses on the friendliness of women in a “man’s industry.”


Denmark is known for a small, but powerful manufacturing industry. While a large amount of manufacturing power goes into components for wind turbines, Denmark also focuses on producing other machined parts along with automobiles. Denmark also has many subcategories of manufacturing such as sporting goods, ceramic materials, toys, and sporting goods. These industries are all very important to the economic standing of the country.