Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tajikistan, Economy

In the list of national average per capita income (est. 2003) using atlas method, the rank of Tajikistan is 197th. from the top and 8th. from the bottom, below which there are Ethiopia (208/90), Dem. Rep. of Congo (207/100), burundi (206/100), Liberia (205/130), Guinea-bissau (202/140), Sierra Leone(201/150) and Malawi (200/170).
In the list of world fact book (CIA, est. 2008) the rank of Tajikistan is 159th.( gdp-ppp 525 us $) and from the bottom of asian countries its rank is 4th., in the bottom of which are Afganistan (175/277), Burma (174/286), Nepal(172/333).
Tajikisytan is the poorest commonwealth of independent states (CIS) country and one of the poorest countries in the world. Foreign revenue is is precarious upon exports of cotton and aluminium, and on foreign remittance flows from Tajik migrant workers abroad, mainly in Russia,. The economy is highly vulnerable to external shocks.

Selling dry food by street vendor.