Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eritrea, Colonisation (contd)

The Italian possession of areas was formalised in 1889 with the signing ofthe Treaty of Wuchalewith eperor menelikII of Ethipopia (1889-1913)after the defeat of italy by ethiopiain the battle of Adua where Italy launched an effort to expand thits possessions from Eritrea into more more fertile hinterland. Menelik II would later renounce the Wuchale Treaty as he had been tricked by the translators.

Catholic Cathedral of Asmara built by the Italians in 1922
Italians brought to Eritrea huge development of Catholicusm and improvement of medical and agricultural sectors of Eritrean society.The Italians employed many Eritreans in public service Italians made many infrustructural projects.
Many industrial investments were done by the Italiansin the area of Asmara and Massawa, but the beginning of WWII stopped the expansion of industrialisation of Eritrea.