Monday, March 9, 2009

Asia, abode of poor countries.

Asia is another continent where there are so many poor countries.
Karl Marx first of all studied the relations
1. Between nature and nature,
2. Between man and nature,
3. Between man and man,
4. Between man and himself.
and derived certain conclusions. At a latter stage, at the
end of the fifties of the nineteen century, he studied the
relations of productive forces with productive relations
of Asia. He arrived at the conclusion which is known as
Marxist theory of the Asiatic mode of production. Initially
he used to explain pre-slave and pre-feudal large earthwork
constructions in China, India and other countries.
The Asiatic mode of prouction is said to be the initial form
of class society, where a small group extracts social surplus
through violence aimed at settled or unsettle band of
communities within a domain. Exploited labour is extracted
as forced corvee labour during a slack period of the year
(allowing for monumental construction such as the pyramids ,
ziggurats, ancient Indian communal baths or the Chinese Great
wall). Exploited labour also extracted in the form of goods
directly seizedfrom the exploited communities. the primary
property form of this mode is the direct religious possession
of communities (villages, bands, hamlets) and all those within
them. The ruling class of this society is generally a semi-
theocratic aristocracy which claims to be the incarnation of
godson earth. The forces of production assciated with this
society include basic agricultural techniques , massive construction
and storage of goods for social benefit (granaries).