Saturday, March 21, 2009

Niger, map

Niger is situated in the western part of Africa

Niger is slightly greater in area than that of the South Africa but its population is slightly less than that of Delhi whose area is almost thousand times less than that of the Niger. Officially it is known as the Republic of Niger. It is a landlocked country, after the name of the Niger River which flows south-west end of the country and is the only river with its trajectories. its GDP (PPP) per capita, est.2007, is $312i.e. less than 1$ per day. To the south there are Nigeria and Benin, to the west Burkina Faso and Mali,to the north Algeria and Libyaand to the east is chad. It is the largest nation in the west of Africa. Niger is one of the poorest and least developed country in the Worldfor 80% of its territory is covered by desert and the rest is threatened by drought anfd desertification. Niger remains handicapped by its landlocked position, poor education,poor infrustructure, poor health care,and environmental degradation.

After independence Nigerians lived under 5 constitutions, and 3 periods of military rule.