Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eritrea, History

The name Eritrea , in the past, was associated in its
Greek formErithraia and its derived Latin form was
Erythraea. In the past the Red Sea was known as
Erythrean Sea. The colony was first created by Italy
in19th. century around Asmara. AfterWorld War II,
Eritrea was annexed to Ethiopia. In 1991 the Peoples
Liberation Front defeated the Ethiopian Govt. and Eritrea
officially celebrated its independence on 24th. May, 1993.
Pre Colonial stage:
Italian Scientists and the Eritrean Research Project Team
composed of Eritrean, Canadian,American, Duch, and
French scientists discovered lot of things about the past
existence of Eritrea and announced that
i) signs of existence of human being was found prior to
1 million years,
ii) agricultural tools were found near the bay of Zula south
of Massawa along the Red Sea coast about 25th. century BC.
Eritrean was known to the Egyptian as Punt (meaning land
of the gods).Around the 8th. century BC , a kingdom known
as D'mt was established in northern Ethipia . Its successor,
the kingom of Aksum, emerged asone of the oldest
civilisations in the world like China, Persia and Rome.
They were believer of Orthodox Christian Church.
With the rise of Islam in the 7th. century the power of
Aksum decline and the kingdom became isolated , and
were graually dependent of increasing control of Islamic
powers based in Yemen and Beja lands in Sudan.
The culmination of Islamic dominance in the region
occured in 1757 when an Ottoman invasion during
the time of Suleiman I and underOzdemir Pasha (who
had declared the province of Habesh in 1555) took
the port city of Massawa and the adjacent city of Arqiqo.