Monday, March 2, 2009

Malawi, continued

Officially it is known as The Republic of Malawi.Chichewais a lan locked country in the south east of Africawhose east, south and partly west is bordered by Mozambique. In the north there is tanzania and in the north westthere is Zambia. Formerly it was known as Nyasaland. The word Malawi comes from the maravi, one of the original Bantu tribesto inhabit the area. This area was occupied by a small population of hunter gatherers before the waves of Bantusbegan to flow around 10th. century. They had established a kingdomby 1500 AD and reached upto Zambezi River and from lake Malawi to the Luangwa River in Zambia.By 1700s they were divided between many individuals to open an entry to the Portuguese. David Livingstone reached lake Malawi (then Nyasa) in 1859 and Malawi became a colony of Britishsince 1891. The administrators were given an amount of 10.00 pounds to employ 19 European civileans, two military officers, 70 Punjab Sikhs,and 85Zanzibar porters and to rule over two million people. in 1883, a consul of the British Governmentwas accreditedto the "Kings and Chiefs of Central africa. Though the British had a control over the land upto the first half of the 1900s, there were sporadic movements for attaining frredom.  

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