Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Worlds within the World

Blue:!st.World, Red: 2nd.World, Green: 3rd. World.

The concept of Worlds within the world came up for discussion in 1950's after the World War II when large number of countries became independent from the clutches of their exploiters. The three world model was first used by the geographer Ingolf Vogeler.
The First World are the developed, capitalist, industrial countries, roughly a Bloc of countries aligned to the United States after World WarII, with more or less common political and economic interests. These countries , denoted by Blue colour in the above world map, are US, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Austrlia, NewZealand.
The Second World was the Communist world led by the USSR. Though, at present, there is no official second world still there are countries like China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Cuba run by the communist Government. The countries denoted by red in the map were the second world.
The Third World, the technologically less advanced, uderdeveloped or developing nations,
denoted by green colour in the map are the nations of Asia, Africa, Ocenia and Latin America. These nations are Characterized as poor and dependent on the economies of the rich countries. The expression third world was used at the 1955 conference of Afro-Asian countries held in Bundung, Indonesia. In 1956 a group of social scientiss assciated with Sauvy's National Institute of Demographic studies, in Paris, published a book, Le Tiers-Monde. three years later, the French Econmist Francois Perroux launched a new journal on problems of underdeveloped countries. the term was frequently used in the French media to tefer to the underveveloped countries of Asia, Africa, Ocenia and Latin America.

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