Friday, December 12, 2008

History of the United States

US history in a nutshell:
1. Pre-colonial America: Archeological as well as geological evidence suggests that the present day United States was originally populated by people migrated from Asia via the Bering land bridge since 20,000 years ago. these were the original native American prior to the arrival of European explorers. Agrigulture was independently developed in the eastern US as early as 2500 B.C..
the first European contact with the Americans was with the Vikings in the year 1000. Leif Erikson established a short lived settlement called Vinlandin present day Newfoundland.It was about 500 years for the americans to get actual contact with the Americans after the discovery of America by Columbus in 1492.
After a period of exploration by various European countries - Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Swedish, and Portuguese settlements were established. Columbus was the first European to set foot Puerrto Rico in 1943 in US territory.
The short outlines of the history is as follows
2. Colonial America
i) Spanish Exploration and settlement (1493 - )
ii) French Colonization ( 1564 - 1803 )
iii) English/ British Colonial America (1585 - 1776 )
3. Formation of the United Sates of America (1776- 1789)
The territory of the newly formed USA,
much smaller than it is today.

4. Westward expansion (1789 - 1849)
Territorial expansion of the United states, omitting
Oregon and other claims.

5. Civil War Era (1849 - 1865)
The union : blue, yellow, grey;
The confederacy; brown

6. Reconstruction and the Rise of Industrialisation (1865 - 1918)
7. Post World War I 1nd the Great Depression (1918 - 1940)
8. World War II (1940 - 1945)
i) Battle against Germany,
ii) Battle aganst Japan .
9. Cold war and the Civil Rights Movement (1945 - 1964)
10. Cold War (1964 - 1980
11. End of the Cold War (1980 - 1988)
12. 1988 onwards---

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