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Socio-Economic Study of 3rd. World countries
Introduction :By 3rd World we mean a subset of the set of countries of the world which donot belong to the First World i.e. Capitalist world or Second World i.e. Communist world.The 3rd.worl has its own identityof its social, cultural, economic, political and geographical perspectives.This world was created after the World war II in the age of Cold war (1945 - 1989 ).The term 3rd world was first used in Aug. 1952 by the Economist and DemographerAlfred Sauvyin an article published in the French Magazine L'Observateur to refer the newly independent Developing or Underdeveloped countries of Africa, Asia, Ocenia, and Latin America.He referred 3rd.worldas a reference to the Tiers Etat, the third estate, the commoners of Francebefore and during the french revolution, opposed to the first and the second Estate. Like the third estae , wrote Sauvy, the third worl has nothing and wants have something, implying that the 3rd.World is exploited (as the third estate) and that its destiny is revolutionary.Moreover it conveyed the second concept of political non-alignment with either the the Capitalist , NATO, bloc or the industrial communist bloc.The face of the World is continually changing since ancient times in colour, design and manifestations.In ancient times the course of civilisation can be traced in four main geographical areas - in Egypt and Mesopotamia (near east), in India (Middle east), in China (far east) and in Europe begining with Greece and Rome.The progress of civilisation is marked by man's increasing control over nature by applied Mathematics and Sciences which Marx pointedout as the development of productive forces and productive relations. But an area of influence was spread by a factor called Religion such as Budhism, Confucianism, Christianity, and Islam which spread beyond their countries of origine. Another term known as Imperialism occupied regions more forcibly than earlier times. The phenomenon , Imperialism, was originally used in invective against the expansionist policy of Napoleon I (1769 - 1821) and a little later against the policy of Britainsince 16th. century. Thogh Alexader the Great , King of Macedon (356 - 323 B.C.) extented his area of influence upto India after fighting continuously for eight years . It is clear that before the october revolution (1017) of russia there were three worlds. i.e.) i) world of Conqueror, ii) World of conquered and iii) the world un-conquered.
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Socio-Economic Study of 3rd. World countries

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