Saturday, December 27, 2008

GDP per Capita

( FIG. 1)
Map of countries by 2007 GDP (nominal)
per capita ( IMF, April 2008 ).

(FIG- 2)
World map for the year 2007 of GDP (PPP)
per capita : source World bank

(Fig- 3)

World map for the year 2007 of GDP (PPP)
per capita : Source International Monetary

( FIG - 4)
World map for the year 2007 of GDP (PPP)
per capita. Source: Central Intelligence agency.
GNP of the World given in the last article does
reflect the actual status or the peples living
standard of a country. As for example China's GNP
in 2005 is 2,264 billion dollar $ and its rank is 4th.
- whereas its GDP (PPP) per capita measured by
IMF in 2007 is 5,325 $ per capita and its rank is
100th. So par as India is concerned its GDP in 2005
was 793 billion $ and rank was 10th., but its GNP per
capita (PPP) measured by IMF in 2007 was 2,563 $
and its position was 129.
Though there are two common ways of presenting
per capita income data measured by different
institutions still it gives rise to almost similar result
because the source of information provided by the
government of that country are same and there is
little research done on this topic.
Firstly, PPP method which stands for Purchasing
Power Parity (PPP) are of two types, i) where
it indicates the value of all final goods and
services produced within a nation in a
given year divided by the average
( or mid-year) population for the same year .
Various organisations such as IMF, W.B., CIA
took part in the calculations. ii) GDP (nominal)
per capita - the figures presented here do not
take into account differences in the cost of
living in different countries, an the result
can vary greatly from one year to another
based on fluctuations in the exchange rates
pf the country's currency.
A few examples may explain the situation:
1. USA
GDP GDP/capita GDP/Capita
measured ( nominal) (ppp)
in 2005 in 2007 in 2007
by IMF by IMF
Rank 1 12 6
Data Data Data
12,970 45,725 $/ 45,726$/
billion $ capita capita
2. China
Rank 4 Rank 107 Rank 100
Data Data Data
2,264 2,483$/ 5,325$/
billion$ capita capita
3. India
Rank 10 Rank 134 Rank 129
Data Data Data
793 942$/ 2,563$/
billion$ capita capita