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Classification of third world countries

The third world countries are clssified in the following ways:
1. Interms of political rights and civil liberties,
2. In terms of Press freedom,
3. In terms of their human development,
4. In terms of poverty,
5. in terms of their gross national income ( GNP).
1. In terms of their political rights and civil liberties:
Believe it or not, according to the Freedom House report, 2007, there are certain countries in the world with most repressive activities by the adminstrative authorities.They are said to have worst records for political rights and civil liberties. Within these countries and territories, state control over daily life is pervasive and wide ranging, independent organisations and political opposition are banned or suppressed and fear of retributionfor independent thoght and action is part of daily life.
Accoring to the Freedom House report Freedom in the World, 2007, there are eight countries judged to have the worst records. These are,
Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Turkeminstan and Uzbekistan. The report also includes nine more countries near the bottm of Freedom House's list of the most repressive countries, such as :
Belarus, China, Cote d'ivoire, Equatorial guinea, Eritea, laos,Saudi Arabia, Syria and Zimbabwe.
The territory of Western Sahara ( most of the territory is controlled by Morocco) is also included in this group.
This second group is better than "worst of the worst".
It is to be noted that there are three countries run by the Communist Government, e.g. China, Cuba and North Korea whose concept about freedom is diferent from the ordinary concept of freedom and to be discussed in a suitable place.
2. Third World countries in terms of press freedom: The list of countries given below may be called Third World for Press Freedom, the "black holes"for news where the private media is not allowed and freedom of expression does not exist The list of countries right at the bottm of the fourth world index,
Sl. Country Region Score
147 Tunisia Northern Africa 57.50
148 Maldives South Central Asia 58.50
149 Somalia Eastern Africa 59.00
150 Pakistan South Cintral Asia 61.25
151 Bangladesh Eastern Europe 61.33
152 Belarus Eastern Africa 64.25
153 Zimbabwe Middle east 66.00
154 South Arabia South East Asia 66.50
155 Lao PDR South central Asia 66.50
156 Uzbekistan Western Asia/middle East 67.00
157 Iraq South East Asia 73.25
158 Vietnam Eastern Asia 83.00
159 China South Central Asia 86.75
160 Nepal Caribean 87.00
161 Cuba Northern Africa 88.75
162 Libya South East Asia 88.83
163 Myanmar South Central Asia 89.17
164 Iran South Central asia 93.50
165 Turkmenistan Eastern Africa 99.75
166 Eritrea Eastern Asia 109
167 North Korea
Source: Reporters Without Borders
3.Third World Countries in terms of their Human Development:
The Human development index (HDI) is published annually by the UN.
It measures the average achievements in a country in three basic dimensions of human development i.e. i) A long and healthy life, ii) Knowledge and iii) a decent standard of living.
The list of 20 countries with the lowest Human Development index (HDI),
Sl. Country Life Expect. Adult Comb.Gross GDP Life Edn
At Birth Illeteracy Enrolment (PPPUS$) exp.ind. HDI ndx
157 Senegal 52.7 /39.3/ 38/ 1,580/ 0.46/ 0.437/ o.39
158 Timer Liste 49.3/ 58.6/ 75/ .... /0.41/ 0.436/ .64
159 Rwanda 38.9 /69.2 /53 /1,270 /0.23 /0.431 /0.64
160 Guinea 48.9/ 41.0/ 29 /2,100/ 0.40/ 0.425/ 0.37
161 Benin 50.7 /39.8/ 52/ 1,o70/ 0.43/ 0.421/ 0.44
162 Tanjania43.5 /77.1 31 /580 /0.31 /o.407 /0.62
D'Ivoite 41,2/ 49.7/ 42/ 1,520/0.27/0.399/ 0/47
166. Angola /40.1/42.0/30 /2,130 0.25/0.381/ o.38
167. Chad /44.7/ 45.8/ 35/1,020/ 0,33/0.379/0.42





172. Guinea-Bissau45.2/39.6/37/710/0.340.350/0.39


174. Mali48.5/19.0/26/930/0.39/0.326/0.21

175.Burkina Faso45.8/12.8/22/1,100/0.35/0.302/0.16

176. Niger46.0/17.1/19/800/0.35/0.292/0.18

Sierra Leone34.3/36.0/45/ 520/0.160.273/0.39

Source:UNHuman Development Report, 2004

4. Third World in terms of poverty;
The least Developed Country (LDC) are a group of countries that have been identified by the UN as "least Developed". United Nations used the following three criteriafor the identification of the LDCs,

!. a low income estimate of the gross national income (GNI) per capita,

2. Their weak humanassets and

3. Their high degree of economic vulnerability.

There are 50 countries listed in the UN s comparative analysis of poverty.34 Africancountries, 10 Asian countries, 5 Pacific Island nations and one Cribeannation.

5. In terms of their gross national income (GNI).

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