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Ethiopia, Africa

There are two common ways of presenting per capita income data .One way is to adjust for the cost of living in each country. This is called the PPP method which stands for Purchasing Power Parity. Most of the per capita income figures thrown around are PPP figures whether or not it is stated.The second method is called the Atlas method . these figures are addjusted for currency values and inflation according to various scheme. In this method as measured in 2003 Ethiopia's rank is 208th. with per capita gnp, Atlas method, being 90$ only.
In fact, out of 52 countries in Africa, there are atleast 10 countries whose rank is tenth from the bottom. Though the positions of the countries differ in different methods and in different years which is shown in the following figures :
Atlas method, measured in 2003 ;
Rank /Country/ gnp/capita in$
208 Ethiopia 90
207 Dem.
Rep. of
Congo 100
207 Burundi 100
206 Liberia 130
205 Guinea-
Bissau 140
204 Sierra
Leone 150
203 Malawi 170
202Tajikistan 190
202 Eritrea 190
201 Niger 200
PPP Method masured in 2003
208 Sierra Leone 530
207 Malawi 600
206 Tanzania 610
205 Burundi 620
204 Dem.Rep.
Congo 640
203 Guinea-
Bissau 660
202 Ethiopia 710
202 Congo,Rep. 710
201 Madagascar 800
200Yemen. Rep. 820
GDP (PPP) measured in
Source: IMF W.B. CIA
Rank/Amount R/A R/A
Zimbabwe 179/188 N/A 194/200
Congo 178/312 167/298 193/300
Liberia 177/358 165/358 191/500
Burundi 176/372 166/341 192/300
Niger 174/667 162/628 187/700
Leone 173/693 161/677 188/600
Rep. 172/726 160/714 185/700
Afganistan 171/733 n/a 177/1,000
Map of Africa

Map of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world and second most populous
country in Africa.Its capital Addis Ababa claims to be the point from which
human beings migrated around the world. Ethiopia's borders unerwent significant
territorial expansion to its modern borders due to several migrations and
commercial integration as well as coquests.The country is famous for its
1984 devastating famine and also for performance in the Olympic in
long distance meets.It is also the second -oldest country to have
become officially Christian, after Armenia. It has also a considerable
Muslim minority since the earliest days of Islam in ninth century.
It became a mamber of the League of Nations in 1923 and signed
the declaration by UN in 1942 and was one of the 51 original members
of the UN.Addis Ababa, being the headquarter of African Union, is also
the headquarters of United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
(UNECA) of which Ethiopia was the pricipal founder.There are about 45 Ethiopian embasies in and around the World.
Population density : 181/sq.miles.
GDP (PPP) in 2007:
Total: 62.244 billion$

PPP per capita 806$

GDP (Nominal)
Total 19.431$
Nominal per capita 251$
HDI 0.406 (low), 169th.
Name :
It is very difficult to say how old the name Ethiopia is but its earliest appearence was in the two Greek epic Iliad and Odyssey written by Homer, supposed to be published in the 9th. 0r 8th century BC. The roots of the Ethiopian state are similarly deep, dating with unbroken continuity to at least the Aksumite Empire, which officially used the name Ethiopia in the 4th. century known by the stone inscription of the king Ezana. There are three opinions in the explanations of the significance of the name ethiopia,
1. Some recent English scholars are of opinion that it was derived from the Greek word Athiopiam, meaning "of burnt face.
2. The book of Aksum , compiled in the 15th. century, states that the name s derived from "Ityopp'is" - a son ( unmentioned in the bible) of Cush, son of Ham, who according to legend founded the city of Axum.and the name was taken from some one Aethiops.
3. A third etymology , suggested by late Ethiopian scholar and poet laureate Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin, traces name to the original black Egyptian words Et (Truthof Peace) Op (high or upper) an bia (land, country), or "land of higher peace". The country was once known as Abyssnia, derived from Havesh, An early Arabic form of the Ethiosemitic name "Habasat," modern Arabic Al Habeshah, meaning land of habesha people.



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