Thursday, November 5, 2009

Suez Canal and Panama Canal

The notion of a water way to link the Medeterranean with the red sea occuppied the minds of men for thousands of
years before the Suez
canal was built.Indeed such a canal wasin useat varios times since between 1300 BC and 776 AD, from the days of Roman empire. But it was a primitive affaire, and the story of the present Suez Canal belongs to the 19th century, when trade expansion empasiezaed the need for a shorter route for shipping between Europe and the East.
For many years Britain was opposed to any kind of cutting a canal from port Said to Suez. ut napolean's occupation of Egypt in 1798, when he had been charged by the French Govt. to cut through the Isthmusof Suez "to assure the free and exclusive possession of the Red seato the French Republic."
As an alternative plan Britain favoured a Railway link Alexandria and Suez, via Cairoand Geirge Stephenson of "Rocket" fame , completed the The Alexandria-Cairo line in 1854. In the same year , however, Ferdenand de Lesseps, a Frenchman,obtained from the viceroy of Egypta concession to build the Suez canal. De Lesseps formed the Suez Canal company, without having any idea of international perspective. He offered blocks of shares to 22 countries.Only Vritain and Usa refused to buy any share.Later Britain the owner of largest share. Egypt kept only 44% share.
The canal is 103 miles long.

The building of the Panama Canal is one of the
important piece of work done after the discovery of America by columbus in 1498.the canal was opened in 15th Aug,1914. It is
of length 50.7 miles.