Friday, November 6, 2009

Comoros, History (contd-2),Independence Era.

Mohamed taki AbdulkarimFirst president of comoros, Ahmed AbdallahBob DenardPrince Said Mohammed JaffarPresident SailihSaid Moamed Djohar

Independence Era : After gaining Independence from France in 1975, Comoros faced 19 coups or attended coups. In 1997, the Islands of Anjouan and Moheli declared their Independence from Comoros. In 1999, military chief Col. Azali seized power.
Since Independence upto 30 years a period of political turmoil prevailed in Comoros.
On Aug.3, 1975, mercenary Bob Denard, with clandestine support from Jacques Foccart and the French Govt., removed president Abdallh from officein an armed coup and replaced him with United National Front of the Comoros (UNF) member Prince Said Mohammed Jaffar .
In jan 1976, Jaffarin favour of Ali Soilih. On May 1978, Bob Denard returned to overthrow Soilih and re-instated Abdallah. Abdallah was an authoritarian ruler but he increased adherence to traditional Islam and the country was renamed as the Federal and Islamic Republic of Comoros. Abdallah remained President until 1989. A few days later , was evacuated to South Africa by French paratroopers, Said Mohamed Djohar became president. French removed Djohar and the Paris backed Mohammed Taki Abdulkarim became president by election.