Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sudan, History (contd-5)

In 1881, Muhammad Ahmed Abdallah, a Sudanes it over the earth.e sufi and son of a boat builder, claimed descent from Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, proclaimed that he was the Mahdi. In Sunni Islam, al Mahdi al Muntazar-a messianic figure who will come at the end of the world to reform Islam and spread it over the earth. He managed to defeat the English backed Egyptian colonial authorities who had ruled since 1820 and established an Islamic state that would outlive the Mahdi himself a in 1898.nd survive for nearly 20 years until its ultimate defeat at the hands of the British army at Omdurman by Lord Kitchener. Sudan was proclaimed a condominium in 1899 under British-
Egyptian administration, the British Empire formulated policies and supplied most of the top administrator.
The Brirish were keen to reverse the process, started under Muhammad Ali Pasha , of uniting the Nile Valley under Egyptian leadership, and sought to frastrate all efforts aimed at further uniting the two countries. During WW II, Sudan was directly involved militarily in
the east during 1940 due to Italy. In 1942, SDF also also played a part in the invasion of the Italyan colony by British and commonwealth forces.From 1924 until independence in 1956 , the British had a policy of running Sudan as two essentially separate territories , the north (Muslim) and south (christian). The last British Governor-general was Sir Robert Howe.