Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sudan, Natuaral Resources and Rivers

Nile is the dominant geographic feature of Sudan, flowing 3,000 kms from Uganda in the south to Egypt in the north.ost of the countries lies within its catchment basin . The blue Nile and the white Nile , originating in the Ethiopian highlands and the Central Africans lakes, respectively, join at Khartoum to form the Nile River proper that flows to Egypt. Other major tributaries of the Nile are the Bahr el Ghazal, Sobat, and Atbarah rivers.
Sudan's total lands area amounts to some 2,510,000 Km sq. About half of this land is suitable for agriculture , of which about 170,000 km sq. are actually cultivated.
1993 estimates:
* 5% arable land
* o% Permanent crops
* 46 % permanent pastures
* 19 % forests and woodland
* 30 % other areas
* 19, 460 Km sq. irrigated land.
Petroleum is major natural resoure 0f Sudan. It has also small deposits of Chromium ore , copper ,gold, iron, mica,silver , tungstan, and zinc.