Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sudan, Geography (contd-2)

East of the Nile valley is the Nubian desert, where permanent humn settlements becomes impossible. There along the Sudanese Red sea coasts, the Beja or the Medjay Nubian as known to the ancient Egyptians formed their own communities depending mainly on parture and subsistent agriculture in more southrly regions of el-Butana.
The Lybian desert , west of Nubia, is cossted of almost, endless stretches of sand-dunesthat dominate the landscape and continue across Sahara deserts of north and central africa.
Urban scene from the from the Nile valley near Khartoum Cluster of cities determine the habitation at Sudan

Around the Dangola Reach and south in the Bayuda desert are also plenty of pastural lands. From Abu hamed to to the city of Berber south, the Nile valley becomes less fertile.However, immedialetly south of, the city of Berber the Nile valley becomes fertile and supportive for extensive agriculture.