Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sudan, History (contd-3)

Valley near Sinnar
A king of Sinnar in 1821:
During the 1500s, a people called the Funj, under a leader named Amara Dunqus, appeared in southern Nubia and supplanted the remnants of the old Christian kingdom of Alwa , establishing As-Saltana az-zarca (the blue Sultanate), also called the Sultanate of Sinnar. The Blue Sultanate eventually became the keystone of the Funj empire. By the mid-16t h century , Sinnar controlled Al Jazirah and commanded the allegiance of vassal states and trbal districts north to the third cataract and south to the rainforests. Rhe Government was substatiallyweakened by a series of succession arguments and coups within the royal family. In 1820 Muhammad ali of bEgypt snt 4,000 troops to invade Sudan. The Pasha's forces accepted Sinnar's surrender from the lastFunj sultan, BadiVII.
Sennar, a city on the bank of Blue nile