Tuesday, September 14, 2010

English suppressed Sanskrit

It was a preplanned scheme of Jones to introduce the idea that Sanskrit was an outside language gave birth to the speculation of the imagined existence of some central Asian (Aryan) race who spoke sanskrit  and who brought sanskrit language to Indiawhen they forcefully entered the country. In this way the fiction of the Aryan invasion was created much later, sometime in the 1800's by the same group of people and was extensively promoted by Maxmuller .
It is a wellknown fact that India is called Aryabhart. Manu Smriti describes the exact location of Aryavartwhich lies from the south of the Himalayas and all the way upto the Indian ocean. Its inhabitants are called Arya.But it is not a locally spoken name. Commonly we write Bharatvarsh for India in general and scriptural writings. TSo the Ancient Iranian he territory of India  (or Bharatvarsh or Aryavart) during the Mahabharata war  (3139 BC) was up to Iran. So the ancient Iranian people also used to call themselves the Aryans. People of the British regime using this information, fabricated a story that some unknown race of Central Asia who came and settled in Iran were called the Iransand they were sanskrit speaking people.  They invaded India, established themselves permanently , and wrote the Vedas. Those who introduced this ideology never care to produce any evidence in support of their statement. which obviously does not exist.
If somee one carefully looks into the Ancient Indian history , he will find that there was no such thing as an Aryan invasion. Since th3 very beginning of human civilisation, Hindus (Aryans) are the inhabitants of Bharatvarsh which is called Aryavart. In the Bharatiya history there are descriptions of Shak and Hun invasions and also of Muslim invasionsbut never an Aryan invasion.