Thursday, August 12, 2010


 Britain sent its Governor to determine, 1. to oversee the disarming of revolutionary guerrillas, 2. the holding of elections, 3. granting of independence to elected GovtIn the elections of Feb 1980 , Mugabe and his ZANU won a landslide victory.There was however opposition to a Shons win in Metabeleland. In Nov 1980. Electionss in March 1990 resulted in another victory for Mugabe and his party, which won 117 seats out of 120.During 1990s, students,trade-unionists, workersoften demonstrated against he govt.In 1997, 25% of the population were infected with HIV and AIDS virus.Land issues which the liberation movement promised to solve , re-imerged as the main issue for the ruling party around 1997.