Sunday, August 15, 2010


Tha population of Zimbabwe has grown during 20th century in accordance with the model of a developing counrywith high birth rates and falling death rates, resulting in relatively high population growth. But there had been a jump in death rates from10 per 1000 in 1985 to 25 per 1000 in 2002/2003. Thje high death rate was due nto to AIDS. Becaue of the high number of immigrants the death tolls from AIDS  might decline the total population.Black ethnic groups make up 98.5%of the population. The majority people Sona  According WHO the life expectancy in case of male is 37 and in the case of female is 34. The main speakingb language is Sona abut 50 %and Ndebele 10% and Kalanga 25%.. 62 % of Zimbabwean aattend christian churches..Infant mortality rate : male-33.44 per 1000 and female -28.29 in 1000 as per 2010 estimates.