Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vietnam War (contd-3)

In the north, The viet Minh ruled as the DRV and engaged in a drastif land reform programin which an estimated eight thousand perceived
"class enemies " were executed. In 1056, the communist party's leaders of Hanoi admitted to excesses in implementing this program and restored a large amount of the land to the original owners.
In the South, former Emperor Bao Dai's State of Viernam operated , with Ngo Dinh Dien as his primeminister . In June 1955, Diem announced that election would not be held. South Vietnam had rejected the agreement from the beginningand was therefore not bound by it., he said "how can we expect free election to be held in Communist north.Diem asked President Eisenhower echoed seniorUS experts when he wrote that , in 1954, 80 p.c. of the population would have voted for communist Ho Chi Minh, over Emperir Bao Dai.
In April=June 1955, Diem cleared the decks of any political oppositions in the south by launching militry operations
On 26, oct 1955, Diem declared the new Republic of Vietnamwith himself as president.