Friday, May 7, 2010

Punjab in Pakistan

Punjab is 60% of Pakistan. Amingst the three main architects of Pakistan- Allama Iqbal, Choudhury Rahmat Ali and Jinnah- two namely- Allma Iqbal and Choudhury rahmat Ali, belonged to Pakistan. Secondly, Punjab is the most populous country of Pakistan. It is the home of about 60% of the population of Pakistan. Its population, as per 2009 census, is 92, 593,586 i.e., more than 9 crores. Another important thing is it touches all the other provinces of Pakistan-Sindh, Balochistan, NWFPand Azad Kashmir.   
Through it flows five rivers of the Indus Valley keeping only for India. It also surrounds the federal enclave of the national Capital city Islamabad.In the acronym P-A-K-I-STAN, the P is for Punjab.It is mainly a fertile region along the river valleys, excepting the portion of south in the border of Rajastan and the Sulaiman range which is desert. it contains Thar and Chlistan desert.
According to the census of 1998, linguistic distribution of the Punjab, it  shows 75.23% of the population speaks in Punjabi and 4.51% speaks in urdu. The population of Punjab is estimated to be between 98.21% Muslim with a Sunni Hanafi majority. The largest non-muslim minority is Christians, which are converts from Charu, low caste Hindus.