Monday, May 31, 2010

Ayur Khan (contd-1)

Nuclear Programme :
Pakistani civilian nuclear programme started in 1956 under the Prime Minister of Pakistan H.S.Suhrawardy. When Ayub Khan imposed martial law in Pakistan, Pakistani Civilian Nuclear Programme was freezed until 1972. On Dec., 11, 1965, Presidednt Ayub Khan had a brief meeting with Pakistani nuclear Engineer Mr. Munir Ahmad Khan (late)at the Dorchester Hotel In London. The meeting was arranged by Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. In this meeting Munir Ahmed Khan told President Ayub that Pakistan must acquire the necessary facilities that would give the country a nuclear deterrant capabality, which were available free safeguards and at  an affordable cost. Munir Ahmaed Khan also told President Ayub Khan that there were no restrictions on nuclear technology, that it was freely available, and that India and Israelwere moving forward in deploying it.
Munir Ahmed Khan estimated the cost of technology at that time. Because things were less expensive, were not more than 150 million dollars. President Ayub Khan listened to him patiently, but at the meeting , Ayub Khan was remained unconvinced. Ayub Khan clearly refused it to Munir Ahmed Khan's offer and said that Pakistan was too poor to spend that much of money. Moreover, if we ever need the bomb we will buy it off the shelf.
However, President Ayub khan, being close to Dr. Abdus Salam, established Pakistan's National Space Agency, Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPERCO)on Sep. 1961 and began training of the Pakistanis Scientists and engineersin the Nas's headquarters.
ayub was highly criticised for his dictatorial attitude as he was one of the greatest dictator of the world.
He was succeeded by Yahiya Khan .