Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rivers of Morocco

The longest River
Sebou River, important river in northern Morocco, draining part of the Atlas Mountains and the Gharb coastal plain into the Atlantic Ocean. From its source as the Guigou River in the Middle Atlas (Moyen Atlas), it flows northward to Fès and then eastward to the Atlantic at Mehdiya—a distance of 280 miles (450 km). TheKenitra, 10 miles (16 km) upstream from Mehdiya, is a busy port at the head of navigation for oceangoing vessels. Tributaries of the Sebou include the Rdom River, which is the location of a thermal generating station (at Sidi Qacem), and the Beth River, site of a hydroelectric plant (at El-Kansera). Other tributaries are the Ouergha and Inaouene rivers.
Sebou basin is a major olive, rice, wheat, sugar beet, citrus, and grape region.

Atlantic Ocean

Mediterranean Sea

Sahara Desert