Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ukraine- Introduction

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe which borders the Russian Federation to the east and north east, Belarus to the north west , Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to tthe west, Romania and Moldova to the south west, and the Black Sea and sea of Azov to the south and south west, respectively.
Ukraine is the republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics third in area and first in industrial and agricultural importance. it is bounded by white Russia, the RSFSR, and moldavia, and has an important coast line on the Black sea and the sea od Azov. The Capital is Kiev.
The Dnieper Dam and power station, one of the largest in the worldwhen it was completed in 1932, is in the Ukraine, at Zaporozhe; so is most of the Donbas, chief coal and iron area of the USSR.
Russia secured easter Ukraine in 1667 and western Ukraine in 1793. a ukranian Peoples republic was proclaimed in 1917, and a Soviet Republic in was one of the original states of USSR, founded in 1923.Lands formerly in Poland, Rumania, and Czechoslovakia were added to the Ukraine during 1939-47, and the Crimea was transferred  from the RSFSR to the Ukraine in 1954.