Monday, March 25, 2013

Lakes of Paraguay

Ypacaraí Lake is a major waterbody located in Paraguay about 25 km east of Asunción. The lake lies in the western part of theAsunción-Sapucai-Villarrica graben, a tectonic depression of Mesozoic age, and drains to the northwest trough Salado River intoParaguay River. The lake is surrounded by three cities: Aregua, Ypacarai and San Bernardino, abeit only the last one develops at its shores. But today, is the most polluted lake Paraguay, as a result of the proliferation of toxic algae or cyanobacteria, the government has banned access to its watersYpacarai is a relatively shallow lake. Boats and small ships can navigate it without inconvenience.Less than 20 miles east of Paraguay's capital, Asunción, lies Lake Ypacarai. Its sandy, tropical beaches, flanked by bountiful accommodation options ranging from inns to vacation homes, make it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Paraguay. A particular hot spot is the resort town of San Bernardino. Overall, Lake Ypacarai is a shallow, marshy lake, reaching a maximum depth of only 10 feet. Twenty streams and small rivers flow into Lake Ypacarai, but only one river stems out from it. Close to this outlet, a significant expanse of wetlands provides the habitat for verdant tropical vegetation growing in and around the water. About 40 miles south of Asunción lies Lake Ypoá, the country's second-largest lake. Lake Ypoá is best known outside Paraguay as the setting for the movie "The Fish Child." Lush flora and fauna surround the lake. Lake Ypoá drains into a smaller lake, Lake Ver The lake is surrounded by cities with necessary facilities for tourists and visitors. Beaches are open to public, and they are very popular during summer, especially in San Bernardino
Paraguay has only two lakes of consequence. The largest, Lake Ypoá, about 40 miles (65 km) south of Asunción, merges into Lake Verá; it is drained by channels of the Tebicuary and feeds the marshes of the Ñeembucú plain. Lake Ypacaraí, about 30 miles (50 km) east of Asunción, is the site of a favourite summer resort at San Bernardino.