Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Falls of Honduras

Pulhapanzak Falls, Honduras 

The river that drops over Pulhapansak Falls is born not far away, bubbling from the ground as one of many drains from Lake Yojoa, which has no natural surface exits (they did dig a canal which then goes into a 2 meter pipe that fuels a hydroelectric plant nearyby).

Behind the falls. Not the smaller cave, though, that one had a narrow entrance and was very dark within.               

In the flat area above the falls are a few mounds that are easily recognizable (if you've seen them before) as Mayan ruins.  These ones have not been excavated and are not large. They're less than ten feet tall and probably have an empty storage space within, though after the many earthquakes that have occurred over the last 1,600 years, there's no knowing how intact everything still is.