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Honduras observed Independence Day

Independence Day in Honduras is a public holiday.

Honduras Independence Day: September 15

Honduras celebrates Independence Day as a public holiday.
Every year on the 15th of September, Honduras celebrates its Independence Day.

Honduras Independence Day History

Christopher Columbus reached the coast of Honduras on his fourth and final expedition to the New World in 1502. Columbus landed in close proximity to the modern town of Trujillo. Honduras became an addition to Spain’s vast empire in the New World. The first city-capitals were Trujillo and Gracias. For approximately three centuries, the Spanish ruled the New World region.
Hernán Cortés, widely known as the conqueror of Mexico, travelled to Honduras in 1525 to solidify Spain’s claim on the territory. With the discovery of gold, the region turned into the center of armed struggle for many years. Lempira, a Native American chief defied the Spaniards and gave them considerable headache and setbacks in their conquest of the region. Lempira’s daring defiance encouraged later developments toward freedom and his name was the origin of the monetary unit of the country.
The fight for independence was spearheaded by Francisco Morazán. On September 15 1821, Spain granted independence to Honduras along with the rest of the Central American provinces.
Independence from Mexico came in 1823, following the entry of Honduras into the United Provinces of Central America. Soon the federation came under threat from the friction between the Liberal and the Conservative factions. The Liberals preferred republicanism, more liberal trade, less government intervention and the elimination of the Catholic clergy’s influence on the state’s affairs. The Conservatives on the other hand, defended the clergy; they favored a return to the rule of a monarchy, they were more conventional and basically pro-Spanish in their point of view.

Honduras Independence Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

In Honduras, the people celebrate Independence Day passionately. Schools and colleges stay closed for the celebrations and children participate enthusiastically in music and dancing. Independence Day is marked by three days of celebrations and. Every year schools participate in a contest to determine which can exhibit the most prominent or distinctive presentation. Kindergartens parade on September 13, elementary schools on September 14, and high schools on September 15