Saturday, January 21, 2012

Revolutionary activities during the First World War (1914-1918)

Revolutionary activities within and outside India received a great impetus during the First World War. The movement became more widespread in character, with different reolutionary groups collaborating among themselves, and the revolutionaries, getting direct assistance and in money and arms from the enemies of the British Empire. Germany and her allies The earlier effusions in the writings and speeches of the Indian revolutionaries also gave way to intensive organisation and concrete programme of action.  There was now a greater emphasis on carying out revolutionary propaganda and agitation among the people. Side by side with this went a desire to subvert the established foreign Govt. by an armed national uprising , and with this end in view an attempt was made to tamper with the loyalty of the Indian army. The policy of individual terrorism also was kept in the forefront of this programme. To some extent the the movement had a religious character or association. Members of the Anusilan Samity, for example, had to take their membershipoath before the image of Goddesss Kali. But the relogious character of the revolutionary movement of this oeriod was sentimental or emotional rather than communal or socially reactionary.Members of the revolutionary group came mostly from the youger generation and sometimes includes boys in their teens, Leaders of the movement abroad were, however, mostly grown up persons.