Friday, January 6, 2012

Hindu-Muslim Riot (contd-1)

A Muslim delegation headed by the Aga Khan went to Simla and submitted a representation to the viceroy (Lord Elgin 11 Oct 1894
6 Jan 1899 Reorganisation of Indian Army (from Presidency System to the four Commands).Pamir agreement Russia, 1895
The Chitral Campaign (1895), the Tirah Campaign (1896–97)
Indian famine of 1896–97 beginning in Bundelkhand.
Bubonic plague in Bombay (1896), Bubonic plague in Calcutta (1898); riots in wake of plague prevention measures.
Establishment of Provincial Legislative Councils in Burma and Punjab; the former a new Lieutenant Governorship ) on the 1st Oct 1896. The memorandum related to the loss of status enjoyed by the Muslims during Muslim Period.
It is to be noted that some British officials had a role in sending this delegation to Simla. It is also to be mentioned here that some British officials took active interest at first to form Indian National Congress in 1885 to to arrewst the unrest of the Indian people in a proper manner suitable for their purpose. But when they saw that a new generation of educated Muslims with growing discontent was evolving they took interest in forming an organization on a communal basis to counter act the political activities of Indian National Congress.moreover the following reasons motivated the muslims to form an organization of their own to look after their own interest.
1. Hindus had thrown an idea that the independence from the british rule would help them to the revival of the old Hindu-dominated society in India and the Muslims meant the Independence would mean the re-establishment of the Muslim dominated society as in the case of the Mughal Empire.
2. Urdu was the official language  through out North India from the time of Mughal Rule.Hindus were in favour of giving Hindi the equal status as it was the majority speaking language. On 8th April, 1900, the Government of Uttarpradesh accepted the proposal  and both Urdu and Himdi became the official languages. Muslims resented this order but Hindus supported the order
3. The origin of Hindu politics that helped the emergence in later years of the Hindu Mahasabha and the Rashtrita Swayam Sevak Sangha (R.S.S.) . The educated genertion of the Muslim community began imbibing the outlook of Islamic Revivalism