Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gokhale -Morley talks

It was when the tide of anti-partition agitation was rising high in the country that the Prince of Wales (who later became King George V) visited India. Attempts were made to turn the country-wide boycott movement into a movement of protest against the Royal visit. But the moderates under the leadership of Gokhale were able to stall  this attempt. Having felt the intensity of the people, the King advised Morley to treat sympathetically the feelings of the people maintain the law and order situation.In a speech delivered in in the Central Legislative Council in March 1906, Gokhale pleaded with the viceroy to appease the educated sections of the people by giving them more and more opportunities  to prticipate in the administration of the country.
Soon after that Gokhale left for England . During his 10-week stay in England, Gokhale and Morley held five rounds of talk, as a result of which certain formal understanding were arrived at between them.Morley assured Gokhale that the number of elected representatives will be increased with more powers to the non-official members. Morley assured Gokhale that the number of elected members in the Central and Provincial Legislatures would be increased, with more powers to the non-official memebers. But the demand of self-government was not acceptable by the Govt. Morley also said that the agitational programme should not be pursued. But on this point Gokhale differed to accept.
It must be noted that in this connection the ideas that emerged in the Morley Gokhale talks held in 1906 were the basis of of the provisions in thev reforms in the Bitish administration namely Morley-Minto reform.