Saturday, October 16, 2010

Muslims of Kerala (contd-1)

Contray to the popular belief, Islam came to South Asia prior to Musalim invasion of India. Islamic influence first came to be felt in the early 7th centurywith the advent of Arab traders.Trade relations between the Arabic and the subcontinent are very ancient. Arab Traders used to visit the Makabar region, which was  a link between them and ports of South-East Asia, to trade even Islam had been established in Arab, according to Historian Elliot and Dowson in their book.the history of India as told by its Historiansthe first ship bearing Muslim travellors was seen was seen in the India coast as early as 630 AD , before the death of Hazrat Muhammad.H.G.Rawlinson in his book, Ancient and Medieval History of India claims the first Arab nmuslims      settled in the Indian coast in the last part of 7th century AD. The same was corroborated by other historians also.