Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birth of Indian National Congress (contd-3)

Dr. R.C.Majumdar also concluded that the foundation of Congress was not for securing representative Government for India nor was it actuated by the more moderate desire of training the Indians in the Parliamentary  form of government. " It was solely designed to hold back the Indian intelligentsia, from joining an apprehended general outbreak against the British".
R.P.Dutt, a radical critic of the Congress also argued that the national Congress was brought into existence "through the initiative and under the guidance of direct British government policy, on a plan secretly pre-arranged with the viceroy, as an intended weapon for safe-guarding British rule against the rising forces of popular unrest and anti-British feeling."
In march 1885, Hume issued a confidential circular to the inner circle of his political collaborators, announcing that a "Conference of the Indian Union " would be held at Poona in December, 1885 which would be attended by delegates chosen from leading politicians well acquainted with the English language from all parts of the presidencies of Bengal, Bombay and Madras.the direct objects of the Conference would be "to enable all the most earnest labourers in the cause of national progress ......"the conference  indirectly form ' the germ of a native Parliament.'