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Sierra Leone - Abolition of Slave system

In 1808 Sierra Leone officially became a Crown Colonywith the land possessions of Sierra Leone Company (formerly known as St. George's bay Company),transferred to the crown. The colony was dedicated to demonstrating the Principles of Chistianity, "civilisation" and commerce.
In 1833 British parliament passed the emancipation act and in 1833 slavery was finally abolished.It wasn't until 1865, the United States passed the 13th. amendment abolishing slavery.
By 1855 over 50,000 freed slaves has been settled in Freetown, known as the Krios. The repatriated settlers of Freetown live today in a multi - ethnic country.Though English is the official language Krio is widely spoken through out the country allowing different tribal groups a common language.

Modern Period : 20th. Century

Sierra Leone achieved Independence on the 27th. April 1961, the country attained republican status on the 19th. April 1971, though the 90's brought successive civil disturbances culminating into a ghastly RUF rebel war that led to to the intervention of International Community led by the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL).Since Independence many changes have been experienced politically, economicallyand in the social society of SL.
Various International Organisations helped provide an environment for free and fair presidential elections of 2002.The war has been officially over in 2001.Since Independence , Sierra Leone has been ruled by a Head of State , making a world record, by an youngest leader, Valentine Strasser, aged 27 only.

Communist Party of sierra Leone :

Sierra Leone People's Party hosts Chinese communist Party.

UNS Jah &Victor Reider with Chinese leader.
Jun. 27, 2006.

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