Friday, January 9, 2009

Ethiopia, Introduction of Communism

On September 12,1974, a prvisional adminstrative council of soldiers , known as the Derg (committe) seized power from the Emperor and installed a government which was socialist in name and military in style. The Derg summarily executed 59 members of the former government including two former Prime Ministers and crown councilors, court officials, ministers and generals. The new Marxist government undertook socialist reforms, including nationalisation of landlord's and churches property. The Government was backed by the forces and finance of Soviet Union, eastern bloc of Europe and Cuba. They expelled the American military missions.

Ogaden war

In July 1977 , Somalia attacked across the Ogaden, Ethiopia, which was resisted by Soviet airlift of arms and Cuban combat forces.

The end of seventy's were marked by massacres known as "red terror" against " white terror". The communism was officially adopted at the end of seventy's and early 80's. in 1984 Aa communist party in the name of The Workers party of Ethiopia (WPE)was established and a new Soviet style civilian constitution was to a popular referendum and the country was renamed as Peoples' Democratic republic of Ethiopia on 10 Sept. 1987 of which Mengistu became the president. But regimes collapsed which was aggravated by droughts and famine. About 8 million people were affected and 1 million people were dead. In the northern regions of Tigray and Eritrea , in 1989, two opposition party known as Tigrain Peoples' liberation front (TPLF) and Ethiopian Peoples revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)were formed.

In 1991 EPRDF forces advanced to Addis Ababa and Mengistu fled to Zimbabwe. Later on , in 2006, after a long trial, Mengistu was found guilty of genocide.
A disabled T-62 tank in Addis Ababa
after the fall of Derg.

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