Friday, January 16, 2009

Poverty of Sierra Leone

In Sierra leone poverty is widespread and deep. About 26% of the population is food poor and can not afford a basic diet., 70 % live in poverty.There is a wide spread disparity in poverty's geographical distribution and about 605 live in rural areas where 3/4 live.In the poorest districts where war destroyed tree, cropsand aminities of living of rural people.8 out of 10 people live in poverty,Sierra Leone Alliance against hunger aims to minimise hunger.

Factors determining the poverty of a country are :

1. Gross National Income purchasing power parity (PPP) :GNI PPP is the average annual income earned by citizen of a country.

The GNI PPP of Malawi is $1.6 a day

,, ,, ,, of Eritrea is $ 2.5 ,,

,, ,, ,, of USA is $ 114 ,,

The rank of Sierra Leone in the list of poorest country of the worl is 13 (est. April 2005).

2. Human Development Index : the rank of Sierra leone is 177 with the following result

Rank/life exp. at birth/ adult ill./cont. gross enrol./ gdp per capita ppp/ life exp./edn/gdpi/hdi


Population Growth rate : 2.292%( 2007est)

Infant mortality rate : total - 158.27deaths/1,000 births

Life Expentancy at birth : 40.58 ave.

Total fertility Rate : 6.01 children/woman

Population below poverty line : 70.2 (2004 est)

GDP at PPP : (2007 est)


Rank/Am. Rank/Am Rank/Am

173/693 161/677 188/600
GDP (nominal) per capita :

171/290 163/286 176/270

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