Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dem.Rep. of the Congo (continued)

Intrduction :

The Dem Rep. of the Congo is a country in central Africa with a small length of Atlantic coast line. It is the third largest country in Africa and ten times the size of Great Britain. In order to distinguish it from the neighbouring Rep. of the Congo, Dem. Rep. of the Congo is often referred to as DR Congo, DRC., or RDC or Congo-Kinshasa (after the name of its Capital) . Dem. Rep. of the Congo was formerly referred to as the Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Congo Leopoldville, Congo Kinshasa, and Zaire though DRC is located in Central Africa but it is affiliated with Southern African Development Community.
History :
The history of Dem. Rep. of the Congo is broadly divided in the following parts :
i) History of the natives,
ii) The Congo Free State (1877- 1908)
iii) Political Crisis (!960- 1965)
iv) Zaire (1971- 1997)
v) Civil wars.

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