Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rivers of Sri Lanka

The following is a list of rivers in Sri Lanka. Rivers shorter than 100 km (62 mi) are not included in this list.
The Gin River.
1Mahaweli RiverAdam's PeakTrincomalee335 km (208 mi)
2Malvathu RiverAnuradhapuraMannar164 km (102 mi)
3Kala Oya 148 km (92 mi)
4Kelani RiverAdam's PeakColombo145 km (90 mi)
5Yan Oya 142 km (88 mi)
6Deduru Oya 142 km (88 mi)
7Walawe GangaAdam's PeakAmbalanthota138 km (86 mi)
8Maduru Oya 135 km (84 mi)
9Maha Oya Negombo134 km (83 mi)
10Kalu RiverAdam's PeakKalutara129 km (80 mi)
11Kirindi Oya 117 km (73 mi)
12Kumbukkan Oya 116 km (72 mi)
13Menik Oya 114 km (71 mi)
14Gin RiverDeniyayaGalle113 km (70 mi)
15Mi Oya Puttalam109 km (68 mi)
16Gal Oya 108 km (67 mi)

Mahaweli River

A significant river in Sri Lanka the Mahaweli River is the country’s lifeblood in many ways as it serves both as a source of electricity and as a source of fertile land. The drainage basin for this river is incredibly large and covers an area that is almost equal to a fifth of the island’s entire size.
The Mahaweli is also the longest river in Sri Lanka and originates from the Hatton Plateau that is located on the Western side of the country’s hill side. From this point it proceeds to flow through an area that is dominated by tea and rubber growing takes a turn to the east before reaching the city of Kandy. It eventually passes through Trincomalee and ends up in the Bay of Bengal. From here onwards it still carries on in the form of a major submarine canyon which allows it to function as one of the finest deep sea harbours in the world.
The Mahaweli River plays a major role in Sri Lanka’s power generation as several parts of the river have been dammed in order to facilitate the creation of various hydro electricity power plants that generate a sizeable part of the countries electricity. It is for this reason that Sri Lanka’s primary source of power is through hydro-electricity.
Farming and agriculture also plays an important part in the country and it is here again that river has shown its dual purpose. The damming of the river has also provided water in numerous areas that has been siphoned off for irrigation purposes.

The Mahaweli River has always played an important role in Sri Lanka and it will continue to do so well in to the future.