Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Agriculture of Sri Lanka

Agriculture in Sri Lanka mainly depends on Rice production. Its main goal is to achieve an equitable and sustainable agricultural development through development and dissemination of improved agriculture technology. To achieve this end Sri Lankan government has Department of Agriculture – Sri Lanka (DOASL). The Department main functions are research, extension, seed and planting material production, regulatory services, plant quarantine, soil conservation, registration of pesticides. Media production unit of the department is Audio Visual Centre (AVC) - Sri Lanka. There are few Agriculture Parks abbreviated as A.Parks established by the department. One is located at Gannoruwa and the most recent one is at the Bataatha. Bataatha A.Park is recently world famous for having world first farmers monument at its entrance.
Agriculture made up 30.5% of employment in Sri Lanka in 2005, down from 36.8 in 1995