Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lists of rivers of Guyana

This is a list of rivers in Guyana.

[edit]By Drainage Basin

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.

[edit]Atlantic Ocean

Amazon River (Brazil)

Negro River (Brazil)

Branco River (Brazil)

Takutu River

Ireng River

Courentyne River

New River

Kutari River

Coeroeni River

Berbice River

Canje River

Abary River

Mahaicony River

Mahaica River

Demerara River

Haiama River

Haianari Creek

Haiakwa Creek

Kuruabaru River

Essequibo River Drainage Basin

Essequibo River

Mazaruni River

Kamarang River

Issineru River

Meamu River

Kurupung River

Eping River

Merume River

Puruni River

Cuyuni River

Wenamu River

Ekareku River

Akaiwang River

Oko River

Potaro River

Arnik River

Kurubrang River

Konawaruk River

Siparuni River

Burro-Burro River

Rupununi River

Rewa River

Kwitaro River

Kuyuwini River

Kassikaityu River

Pomeroon River

Wakapau River

Moruka River

Waini River

Barama River

Orinoco River (Venezuela)

Barima River

Kaituma River

Amacuro River (Amakura River)