Monday, April 4, 2011

Robert Clive - (Murshid Kuli Khan, 1665-1727)

Murshid Kuli Khan (1665-1727 :
About his early life there are two opinions. The most believable version is that he was born, probably in 1665, a poor Oriya Brahmin in Decaan, bought by Haji Shafi Isfahani, a merchant from Isfhan, who converted and renamed him Muhammad Hadi/Mirza Hadi. He entered the service of haji Abdullah, Diwan of Berar, later trnsferring to Royal service under Emperor Aurangazeb.
Becoming Diwan :
Aurangazeb's choice fell upon him when he was searching for an honest and efficient Diwan for Bengal. In 1701, he was transferred to Bengal as Diwan and was honored wit the title of Khartalab Khan, meaning ' the seeker of challenges' in Persia.He was already holding the post of Subah of Orissa. After the death of Aurangazeb " the Peacock Throne" in Delhi became a 'Musical chair' between 1707 and 1719 as no less than eight Emperors took the throne.
 During the time of Aurangazeb and subsequently he showed efficiency as a revinue collector.He was appointed Deputy to the Prince  in the Nizam of the Subah of Bengal and Orissa, in addition to the office of Diwan, by the Emperor Aurangazeb. He was also given the title Murshid Quli Khan, andfurther received a valuable Khilat . Mis mansab wasn also raised.
On matters of land And Agrarian reform   
The amils (collectors of Revenue) under his orders , sent siqdars and amins to every every village of the parganas, measured cultivated and waste lands and leased them back to tenents, plot by plot, and advanced agricuktural loans, to the poorer tenantry and put forth exertios for increase in the produce of the lands.
In absence of a direct heir he nominated his maternal granson Sarfaraz Khan to succeed him.