Thursday, December 9, 2010

Portuguese India

Portuguese India was the set of areas within India occuppied and administered by Portugal Govt.. The Govt. started functioning in India in 1505, six years after the discovery of sea route of India by Vasco da Gama , with the nomination of first Viceroy Francisco de Almeida, then settled at Cochi. Until 1752, the name "India " included all Portuguese possessions in the Indian ocesn, from southern Africa to South East Asia, governed -either by a Viceroy or Governor - from its headquarters, established in Goa since 1510. In 1752 Mozambique got its own Government and in 1844 the Portuguese Govt. of India stopped administeringthhe territory of Macau. Solor and Timor, being then confined to Malabar.
After India's independence from the British in 1947, Portugal refused to accede to India's request to relinquish control of its Indian possessions. But from 24 July 1954 to December 1961 Portuguese had to relinquish its control to the Indian Government.