Monday, December 20, 2010

Indian Colony (contd-2)

Nicolau Coetho returned to Lisbon (since Vasco da gama had stayed in Azores to take care of his sick brother) and announced that Portugal had found the naval path to India.
Goa became the capital of the Indian Portuguese State (since it was the best commercial port of the region). Portuguese wanted Goa to be an extension of Lisbon in the east, therefore they built institutions several churches in order to expand christianity ; and forts to defend the city from external attacks.The arrival of the inquisition :     Thousands of local residents were violently converted to christianity ( by missionaries); if they refused to convert they'd lose their land, titles, assets, and receive a severe punishment. 
In 1661 Portugal was at war with Spain and needed support from England which led to the signing of the agreement of marriage between princess Cathorine of Portugal and Charles II of England with a most generous dowry that included the city of Bombay. This was the beginning of the British Rule in India.