Thursday, December 23, 2010

Danish East India Company

1.) Danish India under the Administration of the Ostindiske Kompagni
In 1616 the Ostindiske Kompagni (Danish East India Company) was established, in 1620 a trade factory in Trankebar (Tranquebar, Modern, Tharamgambadi) was acquired. From 1689 to 1722 the company maintained a trade factory at Oddeway Torre on the Malabar coast, from 1698-1714, another one at Dannemarksnagore (Gondalpara) in Bengal.
II) Danish India under the Administration of the Asiatiske Kompagni : The initiative for an attempt to receive the enterprise was taken up in 1727; in 1732 the Ostindiske Kompagni was succeeded by the Asiatiske Kopagni (Danish Asiatic Company). In 1755 a trading post at Frederiksnagore ( Serampore in Bengal) was acquired. Denmark also claimed possession of the Nicobar Islands., which renamed Frederiksnagore  (King Frederik Islands.