Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indian Colony by European Countries

A vessels ( St. Gabriel, St Raphael, Berrio, Food Vessel ) weighed anchor in Lisbon towards India . vasco da Gama arrived in India ( Calicut, in the present state of Kerala) , He had to negotiate to with the local Governor ( The Saamoothiri Manavikraman Raja) in order to obtain  favourable commercial deals - these ngotiations proved to be very difficult due to the cultural differences (in the West, Kings would offer gifts to their foreign guests ; but in the east, Kings expected to receive opulent presents ); therefore the merchandise introduced by the Portuguese did not impress the local zamorins (Saamoothiris = a title used by the Eradi Rulers).
Still Vasco da Gama insisted and in the end he managed to get a letter (from the Zamorin) conceding Portugal the trade of cinnamon , dove, ginger, pipper and gems. In exchange, Manavikraman Raja wanted gold, silver, coral ad scarlet.